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Accidents Claims...


When an accident occurs, sometimes you just need a calm voice. We are available to you 24/7 to provide reassurance and walk you through the next steps.


1. Get safe!

2. Contact the local authorities or CALL 911 immediately.

3. Never admit guilt or give statements about the incident.  

4. Check your vehicle and adhere to your immediate needs but keep in mind that injuries and damages to other vehicles, people or pedestrians could exist and may require attention.

5. Gather names and contact information of other parties involved, witnesses, police officers, etc. (Names, phones numbers, drivers license number, license plates, insurance information, police report number, badge numbers etc.)

4. Take pictures of your vehicle, any other vehicles, property, and roadways.

5. Draw a diagram of roadways, direction of travel, rate of speed, road conditions, time of day, etc.

6. Use your cell phone to take a video recap of the incident. Give time of day, weather & road conditions, highway and direction of travel. Describe the incident that took place and any other detail you think might be helpful. 

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