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Cody Michael Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Cody is the fourth generation in his family to be involved in the transportation industry and a second-generation truck insurance specialist. Proudly, he comes from a long line of farmers, ranchers, and truckers which was the passion behind developing his own insurance agency. Along with the support of his wife, Lynnea, GenShield Commercial Insurance Group, LLC was born. They are quite the team at GenShield. An agency who protects the generation family businesses of America. 

Early in Cody's career, he dreamed of how his agency would be ran, how his employees and clients would be treated. Over the years, Cody could see there was a disconnect growing between agency employees, producers, and clients. There has been an increasing lack of personal responsibility and integrity in the agency marketplace. Cody's desire is to change that with GenShield. 

"Here at GenShield, we place value in our employees and partners, invest in them and their longevity with the agency. We will provide our clients with the honor and integrity they desire and deserve."

Lynnea M.  Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Lynnea started her transportation experience with her husband, Cody, over 20 years ago. Her expertise includes customer service, account management, administration and agency operations through various business avenues; however, she would always find herself back in the trucking and transportation industry...and working side-by-side with Cody. The two have the most unique and special  connection with this industry. 

Lynnea's educational background includes a B.S. in Kinesiology from Arizona State University to post-graduate degrees from Grand Canyon University specializing in Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Her area of study specialized on the topic of organizational long-haul truck drivers' health and wellness. Her academia developed a love for the interrelationships between organizations, employees, and clients that drive productivity and success as a whole. She believes if the organization maintains their health and wellness as a business, it will sustain the well-being of their employees and clientele.

D. (602) 857-7200

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"The foundation in which a company is developed will determine their ultimate success. GenShield has worked diligently to build a foundation upon honesty, loyalty, and honor."

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"Chad " William Mitton

Chief Financial Officer

Chad comes from a long line of ranchers and cattlemen. Chad also started his career in the trucking business working for some of the largest fleets in Arizona. He inherited the pioneer spirit from his forefathers and has blazed a trail as a successful entrepreneur. Chad has worked in the investment advisory business for the last 20 years, providing cohesive financial planning for his clients.

Chad always seeks out the highest quality investments that will meet his client’s long term goals in risk, performance, and flexibility while achieving exceptional standards of customer service.

When not in the office, Chad can be found spending time with his five children and his wife, Adriana. He is an avid mountain biker, lover of the outdoors, and coach of the varsity football team. Chad is also involved in the church and served a two-year mission in Honduras; speaks Spanish fluently and can salsa dance with the best of them.

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