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Frequently Asked Questions...

How fast can I get a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

IMMEDIATELY! We provide our customers with a login to our agency client portal so YOU can issue your own certificates to your customers and brokers. You can access our portal through your computer or mobile device. You can also call us directly at 623-857-7100 or email us at anytime and we will gladly issue your certificate promptly.  

What type of insurance do you provide?

GenShield Commercial Insurance Group specializes in commercial truck insurance. As a profession transporter your commercial insurance needs are unique, and it takes a specialist to navigate your needs. We provide Liability, Cargo, Physical Damage, General Liability, Non-Trucking Liability and more. See our coverage page for more information.

What if my policy lapsed?

Through our years of experience, we have gained in-depth knowledge of business management. We take pride in going the extra mile for those who find themselves in a difficult situation. We will work to get you a new insurance policy, reactivate your FMCA authority and can help you in getting your FMCSA operating authority reactivated as well. We will work with you to avoid future cancellations and lapses in coverage. A clean operating authority is critical to insurance providers as well as your shippers and brokers alike.  

How do I make a change to my policy?

Simply call us at 602-857-7100 and you'll be connected to a customer service rep or your agent is always available to help you.  Please keep in mind endorsements cannot be made effective via voicemail. Please send all request via email, fax, or by speaking directly to your representative. 

What do I do if I have a claim?

Call us. Claims happen unexpectedly and you may find yourself in a panic and we are always here to guide you through this turn of events. Call the toll-free claims number provided on your Proof of Insurance card. Your agent is also available to you 24/7. Please see our claims tab or the back of your proof of insurance card for more details on what to do at the scene. Rules to remember: never admit fault and if a vehicle is towed you will need a drug test immediately after you're released from the scene. 

Can you provide me with MVR's for my driver files?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Due to the Motor Carrier Drivers Fair Credit Reporting Act, we are no longer available to provide drivers MVR's. We can provide you the ways to obtain the MVR's you need to maintain your driver files. If it's a new hire your looking at we can order the MVR and let you know if they will meet the requirements of the insurance company.   

Do you offer auto, home or health insurance?

We are committed to Farmers, Ranchers, Truck/Transportation professionals. If you need help with personal or any other insurance needs, we're happy to guide you in the right direction and assist in any way we can.  We have many friends and colleagues that can provide anything you may need from auto, homeowners, health, life 401k, retirement plans and wealth management. 

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