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About Us...

Our family has a long history in trucking and entrepreneurship. Together, we have over 100 years of commercial insurance, trucking, and business experience. Needless to say, we have a passion for insurance and trucking. It is our mission to support our clients to be successful in all of their endeavors. To assist them in their efforts to thrive and leave a generational legacy for their families.

Harrison Andrews

Our Great Grandfather, Harrison Andrews, in front of his Kroger store with our Great Grandmother and a few of their first employees.

Andrews Store Edited.png
Andrews Truck Edited.png

Trucking Begins

The Kroger store lead Grandpa Harrison to owning a produce company which was our family's introduction to trucking. Here is one of his old trucks. Check out the old placards on the DOT, MC or IFTA numbers. Simpler times for sure.

Proudly, our family is still heavily involved in the trucking industry from owners, upper management, drivers, dispatch, and of course insurance. Our parents instilled in us their values; they believed strongly and we often heard them say...

"Your insurance agent should not be a burden on you; rather a means to securing your livelihood, to assist and support you in your endeavor to be successful."

Chief Executive Officer


Meet the Team

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Chief Operating Officer

Chad Mitton

Chief Financial Officer

What We Believe...



GenShield Commercial Insurance Group, LLC strives to make its mark nationally in the commercial insurance industry as the top agency that goes the extra mile for America's Truckers. To be recognized as an agency that places value in you.



GenShield is dedicated to inspire business goals and visions of commercial Truckers. GenShield is committed to securing your livelihood, to assist and support you in your endeavor to be successful.

GenShield values organizational wellness which involves every piece that influences the operations of our agency. From the daily operational tasks accomplished by our team to America's Truckers that come our way; we are all pieces to operational success.


We value those that place their trust in us; therefore, our integrity to you is just as important. We value being intentional with everyone we encounter with inspiration and passion; keeping your needs and safety in mind.



GenShield's team is of great value. Our team's wellness is significant to the productivity of the agency and the success of our exceptional customer service to you. At our optimal level we can go that extra mile.


We value relationships built with our team and eagerly await opportunities to develop further growth. With your influence in this relationship, we can work together to establish a foundation of safety for generations to come.

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